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The Medicine Reminder device helps users to take medicine on schedule, right dose. The device will automatically remind the user when it is time to take the medicine, when the user approaches, the device will push the medicine from the box to the medicine tray and pour the right amount of water for that medicine.

The Medicine Reminder application supports users to control and configure the device according to the doctor's prescription. In addition, the app also helps manage and track your detailed medication schedule.

A smart dispenser

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First looks

The Medicine Reminder device contains medication and reminds the patient's medication schedule. The device (prototype version) is designed to hold 2 medicines (2 medicine containers) and a water tank.

It will automatically remind the user when it is time to take the medicine, when the user approaches, the device will push the medicine from the box to the medicine tray and pour the appropriate amount of water for that medicine.

How does it work

The device is integrated with LCD screen, speaker and RGB LED to notify user when it's time to take medicine, take away medicine before leaving home, remind to drink water regularly, or notify that the medicine has run out, the device has a problem, etc. The device uses a voice broadcast through the speaker to make it easier for the elderly and children to reach, using the screen to display information about prescriptions or notes when taking medicine.

The device will require pairing with a smartphone on first use for initial setup. The device will then receive prescription information from the Medicine Reminder application into the system and can work independently until it needs to modify the prescription information.

A medication management app

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First looks

Medicine Reminder app is developed to help users easily control and configure the device. Users can enter prescription information into the app such as medication name, medication schedule, dosage, appropriate amount of water, notes and more. In the process of taking the medicine, users can track the statistics of the amount of medicine taken, the time of taking the medicine so that the doctor can check the patient's treatment process. In addition, the user can view the amount of medicine and water remaining in the device, view the humidity of the medicine box, and monitor the system status of the device (when there is a problem with the device or the medicine, it will notify you in app).

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Vision and mission

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With the current situation many people are still neglecting to take medicine for many reasons such as being busy due to work or simply forgetting to take medicine,... negatively affecting their health. So we researched a device and an app built with the main purpose of helping to remind users (especially the elderly, children or people with poor memory,...) that they can use medicine in the right way, right dose, right time.


With the above uses, we hope that our product can help people not forget to take their medicine or not take medicine and can reduce the risk of complications due to this bad habit affecting their health.
We hope Medicine Reminder will become a good healthcare assistant for patients.

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The right medication at the right time

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